IInkRenderer::DrawStroke method

Draws the IInkStrokeDisp object using the known device context, and optionally draws the IInkStrokeDisp object with the known InkDrawingAttributes object.


HRESULT DrawStroke(
  LONG_PTR              hDC,
  IInkStrokeDisp        *Stroke,
  IInkDrawingAttributes *DrawingAttributes



The hWnd of the device context on which to draw.


The stroke to draw.


Optional. Specifies the InkDrawingAttributes to use on the drawing. The default value is NULL. If InkDrawingAttributes is specified, they override the DrawingAttributes on the IInkStrokeDisp.

Return value

This method can return one of these values.

Return code Description
A parameter contained an invalid pointer.
The strokes parameter is associated with a different InkDisp object.
Invalid display handle.
The stroke or the drawingAttributes parameter does not point to a valid object.
An exception occurred inside the method.
Unexpected parameter or property type.


The pen width is multiplied (or scaled) by the square root of the determinant of the view transform.

Note  If you have not set the pen width explicitly, it is 53 by default. You must multiply the pen width by the square root of the determinant to yield the correct bounding box. The height and width of the bounding box are expanded by half this amount in each direction.
For example, consider that the pen width is 53, the square root of the determinant is 50, and the bounding box is (0,0,1000,1000). The pen width adjustment to the bounding box in each direction is calculated as (53*50)/2, and the right and bottom sides are incremented by one. This results in a rendered bounding box of (-1325,-1325,2326,2326).

The InkRenderer forces the viewport and window origins to 0, 0. Any existing settings are saved and restored, but are not used by the InkRenderer. To perform scrolling, use the InkRenderer object's view and object transform methods.


Minimum supported client Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header msinkaut.h
Library InkObj.dll

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