IInkStrokeDisp interface

Represents a single ink stroke.

A stroke is a set of properties and point data that the digitizer captures that represent the coordinates and properties of a known ink mark. It is the set of data that is captured in a single pen down, up, or move sequence.


The IInkStrokeDisp interface has these methods.

Method Description
IInkStrokeDisp::Clip Removes portions of an IInkStrokeDisp object or InkStrokes collection that are outside a rectangle.
IInkStrokeDisp::FindIntersections Retrieves the points where this IInkStrokeDisp object intersects other IInkStrokeDisp objects within a known InkStrokes collection.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_BezierCusps Gets an array that contains the indices of the cusps of the Bezier approximation of the stroke.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_BezierPoints Gets the array of control points that represent the Bezier approximation of the stroke.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_Deleted Gets a value that specifies whether a known stroke is deleted from the ink.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_DrawingAttributes Gets or sets the drawing attributes to apply to ink as it is drawn.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_ExtendedProperties Gets the collection of application-defined data that are stored in an object.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_ID Gets the identifier of an object.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_Ink Gets the parent InkDisp object of a stroke.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_PacketCount Gets the number of packets received for an IInkStrokeDisp object.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_PacketDescription Gets an array of globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) that describes the types of packet data stored in the IInkStrokeDisp object.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_PacketSize Gets the size, in bytes, of a packet.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_PolylineCusps Gets an array that contains the indices of the cusps of the IInkStrokeDisp object.
IInkStrokeDisp::get_SelfIntersections Gets the self-intersections of the stroke.
IInkStrokeDisp::GetBoundingBox Retrieves the bounding box in ink space coordinates for either all of the strokes in an InkDisp object, an individual stroke, or an InkStrokes collection.
IInkStrokeDisp::GetFlattenedBezierPoints Retrieves the bounding box in ink space coordinates for either all of the strokes in an InkDisp object, an individual stroke, or a InkStrokes collection.
IInkStrokeDisp::GetPacketData Retrieves the packet data for a range of packets within the IInkStrokeDisp object.
IInkStrokeDisp::GetPacketDescriptionPropertyMetrics Retrieves the metrics for a given packet description type.
IInkStrokeDisp::GetPacketValuesByProperty Retrieves the data for a known packet property from one or more packets in the stroke.
IInkStrokeDisp::GetPoints Retrieves the points that make up a stroke.
IInkStrokeDisp::GetRectangleIntersections Finds the points where a IInkStrokeDisp object intersects a given rectangle.
IInkStrokeDisp::HitTestCircle Determines whether a stroke is either completely inside or intersected by a given circle.
IInkStrokeDisp::Move Applies a translation to the ink of an IInkStrokeDisp object or InkStrokes collection.
IInkStrokeDisp::NearestPoint Finds the location on the stroke nearest to a known point and returns the distance that point is from the stroke. Everything is in ink space coordinates.
IInkStrokeDisp::Rotate Rotates the ink using an angle in degrees around a center point of the rotation.
IInkStrokeDisp::ScaleToRectangle Scales the IInkStrokeDisp object or InkStrokes collection to fit in the specified InkRectangle object.
IInkStrokeDisp::ScaleTransform Applies the specified horizontal and vertical factors to the transform or ink.
IInkStrokeDisp::SetPacketValuesByProperty Modifies the packet values for a particular property.
IInkStrokeDisp::SetPoints Sets the points of the IInkStrokeDisp using an array of X, Y values.
IInkStrokeDisp::Shear Shears the ink in the stroke or strokes by the specified horizontal and vertical factors.
IInkStrokeDisp::Split Splits the stroke at the specified location on the stroke.
IInkStrokeDisp::Transform Applies a linear transformation to an IInkStrokeDisp object or an InkStrokes collection, which can represent scaling, rotation, translation, and combinations of transformations.


If you define a class that implements this interface, the new class will not interact correctly with the Tablet PC application programming interfaces (APIs).


Minimum supported client Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header msinkaut.h

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