npapi.h header

This header is used by Security and Identity. For more information, see:


Title Description
AddConnectNotify Called before and after each add connection operation (WNetAddConnection, WNetAddConnection2, and WNetAddConnection3) is attempted by the Multiple Provider Router (MPR).
CancelConnectNotify Calls CancelConnectNotify before and after each cancel connection operation (WNetCancelConnection and WNetCancelConnection2).
NPAddConnection Connects a local device to a network resource.
NPAddConnection3 Connects a local device to a network resource.
NPCancelConnection Disconnects a network connection.
NPCloseEnum Closes an enumeration.
NPDeviceMode Specifies the parent window of a device. This window owns any dialog boxes that originate from the device.
NPDirectoryNotify Notifies the network provider of certain directory operations.
NPEnumResource Performs an enumeration based on a handle returned by NPOpenEnum.
NPFMXEditPerm Enables network vendors to supply their own permission editor dialog boxes.
NPFMXGetPermCaps Retrieves the capabilities of the permission editor. The return value is a bitmask that indicates which of the Security menu items in File Manager are to be enabled.
NPFMXGetPermHelp Retrieves the help file and help context of the permission editor dialog boxes when a menu item in the Security menu of File Manager is selected and F1 is pressed.
NPFormatNetworkName Formats a network name in a provider-specific format for display in a control.
NPGetCaps Returns information about which services are supported on the network.
NPGetConnection Retrieves information about a connection.
NPGetConnection3 Retrieves information about a network connection, even if it is currently disconnected.
NPGetConnectionPerformance Returns information about the expected performance of a connection used to access a network resource. The request can only be for a network resource that is currently connected.
NPGetDirectoryType Determines the type of a network directory.
NPGetPropertyText Retrieves the names of buttons to add to a property dialog box for a network resource.
NPGetResourceInformation Separates the part of a network resource accessed through the WNet API from the part accessed through APIs specific to the resource type.
NPGetResourceParent Retrieves the parent of a specified network resource in the browse hierarchy.
NPGetUniversalName Retrieves the universal name of a network resource. The NPGetUniversalName function can retrieve this universal name in UNC format or in the older, remote-name format.
NPGetUser Retrieves the value of the current default user name or the user name used to establish a network connection.
NPLogonNotify MPR calls this function to notify the credential manager that a logon event has occurred, allowing the credential manager to return a logon script.
NPOpenEnum Opens an enumeration of network resources or existing connections. The NPOpenEnum function must be called to obtain a valid handle for an enumeration.
NPPasswordChangeNotify MPR calls this function to notify the credential manager of a password change event.
NPPropertyDialog Called when the user clicks a button added by using the NPPropertyDialog function. The NPPropertyDialog function is called only for file and directory network properties.
NPSearchDialog Enables network vendors to supply their own form of browsing and search, beyond the hierarchical view presented in the Connection dialog box.
WNetSetLastErrorA Sets extended error information. Network providers should call this function instead of SetLastError.


Title Description
NOTIFYADD The NOTIFYADD structure contains the details of a network connect operation. It is used by the AddConnectNotify function.
NOTIFYCANCEL The NOTIFYCANCEL structure contains the details of a network disconnect operation. It is used by the CancelConnectNotify function.
NOTIFYINFO The NOTIFYINFO structure contains status information about a network connect or disconnect operation. It is used by the AddConnectNotify and CancelConnectNotify functions.