IOleLink::Update method

Updates the compound document's cached data for a linked object. This involves binding to the link source, if it is not already bound.


  IBindCtx *pbc



A pointer to the IBindCtx interface on the bind context to be used in binding the link source. This parameter can be NULL. The bind context caches objects bound during the binding process, contains parameters that apply to all operations using the bind context, and provides the means by which the binding implementation should retrieve information about its environment. For more information, see IBindCtx.

Return Value

This method returns S_OK on success. Other possible return values include the following.

Return code Description
The bind operation worked but no caches were updated.
The bind operation worked but not all caches were updated.
Unable to bind to the link source.


Notes to Callers

Your container application should call Update if the end user updates the cached data for a linked object.

The end user can update the cached data for a linked object by choosing the Update Now button in the Links dialog box. If you use the OleUIEditLinks function to display the Links dialog box, you must implement the IOleUILinkContainer interface. The dialog box calls your implementations of IOleUILinkContainer::UpdateLink when the end user chooses the Update Now button. Your implementation of that method can call Update.

Your container application can also call Update to update a linked object, because that method — when called on a linked object — calls Update.

This method updates both automatic links and manual links. For manual links, calling Update or Update is the only way to update the caches. For more information on automatic and manual links, see IOleLink::SetUpdateOptions.

Notes on Implementation

If pbc is non-NULL, the linked object's implementation of Update calls IBindCtx::RegisterObjectBound to register the bound link source. This ensures that the link source remains running until the bind context is released.

The current caches are left intact if the link source cannot be bound.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header oleidl.h

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