ITextInputPanel::SetInPlaceVisibility method (peninputpanel.h)

[ITextInputPanel is available for use in the operating systems specified in the Requirements section. It may be altered or unavailable in subsequent versions. Instead, use IInputPanelConfiguration.


Shows or hides the Tablet PC Input Panel.


HRESULT SetInPlaceVisibility(
  BOOL Visible



TRUE to show the Input Panel; FALSE to hide the Input Panel.

Return value

If the Input Panel can display, the method returns S_OK, otherwise E_FAIL. See the Remarks section for more information about when the Input Panel can and cannot be affected by the ITextInputPanel::SetInPlaceVisibility Method.

Return code Description
An unspecified error occurred.


The Input Panel is shown as specified by the ITextInputPanel::CurrentInPlaceState Property property.

Calling ITextInputPanel::SetInPlaceVisibility Method with the Visible parameter set to TRUE will fail if the Input Panel is already visible.

If the user has disabled in-place mode from the Input Panel options dialog, calling ITextInputPanel::SetInPlaceVisibility Method will fail.

Any ink already in the Input Panel, when visibility changes, is automatically inserted.

This method does not change the value of ITextInputPanel::InPlaceVisibleOnFocus Property, and on the subsequent focus change, the behavior reverts to the behavior specified by the ITextInputPanel::InPlaceVisibleOnFocus Property.

The ITextInputPanel::SetInPlaceVisibility Method is a synchronous call. The Input Panel visibility will change before the call returns.


This C++ example implements an EN_SETFOCUS event handler for an Edit control, IDC_EDIT1. It first checks to if an ITextInputPanel object, g_pTip, has been created. If it exists, it prevents the Input Panel from showing by calling the ITextInputPanel::SetInPlaceVisibility Method with a value of false for the Visible parameter.

void CCOMTIPDlg::OnEnSetfocusEdit1()
	if (NULL != g_pTip)
		if (SUCCEEDED(g_pTip->SetInPlaceVisibility(false)))
			TRACE("Successfully hid the Input Panel.\n");


Minimum supported client Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header peninputpanel.h
DLL Tiptsf.dll

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