IPhotoAcquireSettings interface

The IPhotoAcquireSettings interface is used to work with image acquisition settings, such as file name format.


The IPhotoAcquireSettings interface has these methods.

Method Description
IPhotoAcquireSettings::GetAcquisitionTime The GetAcquisitionTime method retrieves the acquisition time of the current session.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::GetFlags The GetFlags method retrieves the photo acquire flags.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::GetGroupTag The GetGroupTag method retrieves a tag string for the group of files being downloaded from the device.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::GetOutputFilenameTemplate The GetOutputFilenameTemplate method retrieves a format string (template) that specifies the format of file names.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::GetSequencePaddingWidth The GetSequencePaddingWidth method retrieves a value indicating how wide sequential fields in file names will be.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::GetSequenceZeroPadding The GetSequenceZeroPadding method retrieves a value that indicates whether zeros or spaces will be used to pad sequential file names.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::InitializeFromRegistry The InitializeFromRegistry method specifies a registry key from which to initialize settings.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::SetAcquisitionTime The SetAcquisitionTime method sets the acquisition time explicitly.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::SetFlags The SetFlags method sets the photo acquire flags.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::SetGroupTag The SetGroupTag method sets the group tag for an acquisition session.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::SetOutputFilenameTemplate The SetOutputFilenameTemplate method specifies a format string (template) that specifies the format of file names.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::SetSequencePaddingWidth The SetSequencePaddingWidth method sets a value indicating how wide sequential fields in filenames will be.
IPhotoAcquireSettings::SetSequenceZeroPadding The SetSequenceZeroPadding method sets a value indicating whether zeros or spaces are used to pad sequential file names.


Target Platform Windows
Header photoacquire.h