qossp.h header

This header is used by Quality of Service (QOS). For more information, see:

qossp.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
AD_GENERAL_PARAMS The AD_GENERAL_PARAMS structure contains the General Characterization Parameters contained in the RSVP Adspec object.
CONTROL_SERVICE The CONTROL_SERVICE structure contains supported RSVP service types.
FLOWDESCRIPTOR The FLOWDESCRIPTOR structure specifies one or more filters for a given FLOWSPEC.
IN_ADDR_IPV4 The IN_ADDR_IPV4 union stores an IPv4 address for use with RSVP FILTERSPECs.
IN_ADDR_IPV6 The IN_ADDR_IPV6 structure stores an IPv6 address for use with RSVP FILTERSPECs.
PARAM_BUFFER The PARAM_BUFFER structure describes the format of the parameter buffer that can be included in the CONTROL_SERVICE structure.
QOS_DESTADDR The QOS object QOS_DESTADDR is used during a call to the WSAIoctl (SIO_SET_QOS) function in order to avoid issuing a connect function call for a sending socket.
RSVP_ADSPEC The QOS object RSVP_ADSPEC provides a means by which information describing network devices along the data path between sender and receiver, pertaining to RSVP functionality and available services, is provided or retrieved.
RSVP_FILTERSPEC_V4 The RSVP_FILTERSPEC_V4 structure stores information for a FILTERSPEC on an IPv4 address.
RSVP_FILTERSPEC_V4_GPI The RSVP_FILTERSPEC_V4_GPI structure provides general port identifier information for a given FILTERSPEC.
RSVP_FILTERSPEC_V6 The RSVP_FILTERSPEC_V6 structure stores information for a FILTERSPEC on an IPv6 address.
RSVP_FILTERSPEC_V6_FLOW The RSVP_FILTERSPEC_V6_FLOW structure provides flow label information for an IPv6 FILTERSPEC.
RSVP_FILTERSPEC_V6_GPI The RSVP_FILTERSPEC_V6_GPI structure provides general port identifier information for a given FILTERSPEC on an IPv6 address.
RSVP_POLICY The RSVP_POLICY structure stores one or more undefined policy elements.
RSVP_POLICY_INFO The RSVP_POLICY_INFO structure stores undefined policy elements retrieved from RSVP.
RSVP_RESERVE_INFO The QOS object RSVP_RESERVE_INFO, through the ProviderSpecific buffer, enables RSVP behavior for a given flow to be specified or modified at a granular level, and enables default RSVP style settings for a flow to be overridden.
RSVP_STATUS_INFO The QOS object RSVP_STATUS_INFO provides information regarding the status of RSVP for a given flow, including event notifications associated with monitoring FD_QOS events, as well as error information.


Title Description
FilterType The FilterType enumeration specifies the type of filter used for an RSVP FILTERSPEC.