ITDirectory interface (rend.h)

[Rendezvous IP Telephony Conferencing controls and interfaces are not available for use in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and subsequent versions of the operating system. The RTC Client API provides similar functionality.]

The ITDirectory interface is exposed by the Directory object, which corresponds to a particular directory. This interface provides methods that get and set directory information, and provide access to a particular directory object, such a conference or user. The ITRendezvous::CreateDirectory and IEnumDirectory::Next methods create the ITDirectory interface.


The ITDirectory interface inherits from the IDispatch interface. ITDirectory also has these types of members:


The ITDirectory interface has these methods.

Method Description
ITDirectory::AddDirectoryObject The AddDirectoryObject method adds an ITDirectoryObject object to the server. This may be a directory or a user machine mapping.
ITDirectory::Bind The Bind method binds to the server.
ITDirectory::Connect The Connect method establishes a connection to the directory server.
ITDirectory::DeleteDirectoryObject The DeleteDirectoryObject method deletes an object from the server.
ITDirectory::EnableAutoRefresh The EnableAutoRefresh method enables auto refresh for directory objects created after it is called. Only applies to dynamic servers.
ITDirectory::EnumerateDirectoryObjects The EnumerateDirectoryObjects method creates an enumeration of directory objects of a given type and name.
ITDirectory::get_DefaultObjectTTL The get_DefaultObjectTTL method gets the default time to live (TTL) value, in seconds, for objects created. Only applies to dynamic servers.
ITDirectory::get_DirectoryObjects The get_DirectoryObjects method gets the collection of objects in a given directory that matches certain criteria. This method performs the same function as EnumerateDirectoryObjects but is used by Visual Basic and other scripting languages.
ITDirectory::get_DirectoryType The get_DirectoryType method gets DIRECTORY_TYPE indicator of the type of the directory.
ITDirectory::get_DisplayName The get_DisplayName method gets displayable name for directory.
ITDirectory::get_IsDynamic The get_IsDynamic method gets an indicator of whether the object on the server needs to be refreshed.
ITDirectory::ModifyDirectoryObject The ModifyDirectoryObject method commits directory modifications to the server.
ITDirectory::put_DefaultObjectTTL The put_DefaultObjectTTL method sets the default time to live (TTL) value, in seconds, for objects created. Only applies to dynamic servers. The minimum value is 300 seconds.
ITDirectory::RefreshDirectoryObject The RefreshDirectoryObject method refreshes the time to live (TTL) for an object on the server. Only applies to dynamic servers.


Target Platform Windows
Header rend.h

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