IRichEditOle interface

The IRichEditOle interface exposes the Component Object Model (COM) functionality of a rich edit control. The interface can be obtained by sending the EM_GETOLEINTERFACE message.

This interface has the following methods.


The IRichEditOle interface has these methods.

Method Description
IRichEditOle::ActivateAs Handles Activate As behavior by unloading all objects of the old class, telling OLE to treat those objects as objects of the new class, and reloading the objects. If objects cannot be reloaded, they are deleted.
IRichEditOle::ContextSensitiveHelp Indicates if a rich edit control should transition into or out of context-sensitive help mode. A rich edit control calls the IRichEditOle::ContextSensitiveHelp method of any in-place object which is currently active if a state change is occurring.
IRichEditOle::ConvertObject Converts an object to a new type. This call reloads the object but does not force an update; the caller must do this.
IRichEditOle::GetClientSite Retrieves an IOleClientSite interface to be used when creating a new object. All objects inserted into a rich edit control must use client site interfaces returned by this function. A client site may be used with exactly one object.
IRichEditOle::GetClipboardData Retrieves a clipboard object for a range in an edit control.
IRichEditOle::GetLinkCount Returns the number of objects in a rich edit control that are links.
IRichEditOle::GetObject Retrieves information, stored in a REOBJECT structure, about an object in a rich edit control.
IRichEditOle::GetObjectCount Returns the number of objects currently contained in a rich edit control.
IRichEditOle::HandsOffStorage Indicates when a rich edit control is to release its reference to the storage interface associated with the specified object. This call does not call the object's IRichEditOle::HandsOffStorage method; the caller must do that.
IRichEditOle::ImportDataObject Imports a clipboard object into a rich edit control, replacing the current selection.
IRichEditOle::InPlaceDeactivate Indicates when a rich edit control is to deactivate the currently active in-place object, if any.
IRichEditOle::InsertObject Inserts an object into a rich edit control.
IRichEditOle::SaveCompleted Indicates when the most recent save operation has been completed and that the rich edit control should hold onto a different storage for the object.
IRichEditOle::SetDvaspect Sets the aspect that a rich edit control uses to draw an object. This call does not change the drawing information cached in the object; this must be done by the caller. The call does cause the object to be redrawn.
IRichEditOle::SetHostNames Sets the host names to be given to objects as they are inserted to a rich edit control. The host names are used in the user interface of servers to describe the container context of opened objects.
IRichEditOle::SetLinkAvailable Sets the value of the link-available bit in the object's flags.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header richole.h