IRealTimeStylus::SetSingleTabletMode method (rtscom.h)

Modifies the mode for RealTimeStylus Class (RTS) object to collect input from only one tablet object representing a digitizer attached to the Tablet PC. Stylus input from other digitizers is ignored by the RealTimeStylus.


HRESULT SetSingleTabletMode(
  [in] IInkTablet *piTablet


[in] piTablet

The IInkTablet Interface object that represents the digitizer device attached to the Tablet PC.

Return value

For a description of the return values, see RealTimeStylus Classes and Interfaces.


A RealTimeStylus Class can be set to one of two tablet-related modes:

  • All tablets mode (default)
  • Single tablet mode
If IRealTimeStylus::SetAllTabletsMode Method () was initially called and the RealTimeStylus is enabled, the TPC_E_INVALID_MODE HRESULT is returned.


The following C++ example code sets a IRealTimeStylus object, g_pRealTimeStylus, to single tablet mode so it can get the tablet and retrieve its plug-and-play identifier. Then it sets the IRealTimeStylus object back to all tablets mode.

// Must be in single tablet mode for GetTablet to succeed. This call to
// SetSingleTabletMode() would likely happen somewhere else in the app.
if (SUCCEEDED(g_pRealTimeStylus->SetSingleTabletMode(pInkTablet)))
    IInkTablet* pTablet = NULL;

    if ((SUCCEEDED(g_pRealTimeStylus->GetTablet(&pTablet))) && (NULL != pTablet))
        BSTR bstrPnPID;

        if (SUCCEEDED(pTablet->get_PlugAndPlayId(&bstrPnPID)))
            TRACE("The tablet's Plug-n-Play ID is: %s\n", bstrPnPID);

    // Restore all tablets mode.


Minimum supported client Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header rtscom.h
DLL RTSCom.dll

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