scesvc.h header

This header is used by Security and Identity. For more information, see:


Title Description
ISceSvcAttachmentData The ISceSvcAttachmentData interface retrieves configuration and analysis data about a specified security service from the Security Configuration snap-ins.
ISceSvcAttachmentPersistInfo The ISceSvcAttachmentPersistInfo interface retrieves any modified configuration or analysis information from an attachment snap-in.

Callback functions

Title Description
PFSCE_FREE_INFO Frees the memory for buffers allocated by the Security Configuration tool set when it calls PFSCE_QUERY_INFO.
PFSCE_LOG_INFO Logs messages to the configuration log file or analysis log file.
PFSCE_QUERY_INFO Queries service-specific information from the Security Configuration file or analysis database.
PFSCE_SET_INFO Sets or overwrites service-specific configuration and analysis information.


Title Description
SCESVC_ANALYSIS_INFO Contains the analysis information.
SCESVC_ANALYSIS_LINE The SCESVC_ANALYSIS_LINE structure contains the key, value, and value length for a specific line specified by an SCESVC_ANALYSIS_INFO structure.
SCESVC_CALLBACK_INFO The SCESVC_CALLBACK_INFO structure contains an opaque database handle and callback function pointers to query, set, and free information.
SCESVC_CONFIGURATION_INFO The SCESVC_CONFIGURATION_INFO structure provides configuration information for a service. This structure is used by the PFSCE_QUERY_INFO and PFSCE_SET_INFO functions when the configuration information is specified.
SCESVC_CONFIGURATION_LINE The SCESVC_CONFIGURATION_LINE structure contains information about a line of configuration data. It is used by the SCESVC_CONFIGURATION_INFO structure.


Title Description
SCESVC_INFO_TYPE The SCESVC_INFO_TYPE enumeration is used by PFSCE_QUERY_INFO and PFSCE_SET_INFO to indicate the type of information requested from or passed to the security database. It can be one of the following values.