IBrowserService interface

Deprecated. The methods exposed by this interface are analogous to virtual protected methods in normal C++ inheritance. The objects' inheritance hierarchy spans multiple DLLs. The hierarchy is made up of a base class and several derived classes that correspond to controls, including CLSID_WebBrowser and the user's desktop. Objects not in the hierarchy should not implement this interface or use most of its methods.


The IBrowserService interface has these methods.

Method Description
IBrowserService::CacheOLEServer Deprecated. Caches a reference to an external object to avoid reloading the server on reuse.
IBrowserService::CanNavigateNow Deprecated. Returns a value that indicates whether navigation is currently allowed.
IBrowserService::DisplayParseError Deprecated. Displays a URL that failed to be successfully parsed by IBrowserService::IEParseDisplayName.
IBrowserService::GetBrowserByIndex Deprecated. Retrieves the browser with the given index.
IBrowserService::GetBrowserIndex Deprecated. Retrieves the index of the browser in the window hierarchy.
IBrowserService::GetFlags Deprecated. Retrieves the current set of browser flags.
IBrowserService::GetHistoryObject Deprecated. Retrieves an IOleObject that represents the browser's history object.
IBrowserService::GetNavigateState Deprecated. Retrieves the browser's current navigation state.
IBrowserService::GetOleObject Deprecated. Retrieves an IOleObject for the browser.
IBrowserService::GetPalette Deprecated. Retrieves the browser's palette.
IBrowserService::GetParentSite Deprecated. Retrieves the browser parent's in-place client site.
IBrowserService::GetPidl Deprecated. Retrieves a copy of the current pointer to an item identifier list (PIDL).
IBrowserService::GetSetCodePage Deprecated. Sets a new character code page and retrieves a pointer to the previous code page.
IBrowserService::GetTitle Deprecated. Retrieves the title of a browser window.
IBrowserService::GetTravelLog Deprecated. Retrieves the browser's ITravelLog.
IBrowserService::IEGetDisplayName Deprecated. Retrieves the URL that corresponds to a pointer to an item identifier list (PIDL).
IBrowserService::IEParseDisplayName Deprecated. Parses a URL into a pointer to an item identifier list (PIDL).
IBrowserService::IsControlWindowShown Deprecated. Retrieves a value that indicates whether a specified frame control is currently visible.
IBrowserService::NavigateToPidl Deprecated. Navigates the browser to the location indicated by a pointer to an item identifier list (PIDL).
IBrowserService::NotifyRedirect Deprecated. Updates the browser to the specified pointer to an item identifier list (PIDL), navigating if necessary. This method is called when a page is redirected.
IBrowserService::OnHttpEquiv Deprecated. Called when the document object responds to an HTTP-EQUIV metatag by issuing either the OLECMDID_HTTPEQUIV or OLECMDID_HTTPEQUIV_DONE command through IOleCommandTarget::Exec.
IBrowserService::RegisterWindow Deprecated. Registers the browser in the list of browser windows.
IBrowserService::SetFlags Deprecated. Sets flags that indicate browser status.
IBrowserService::SetHistoryObject Deprecated. Sets the browser's history object.
IBrowserService::SetNavigateState Deprecated. Sets the current navigation state. This method affects the cursor and animation.
IBrowserService::SetReferrer Deprecated. Sets the pointer to an item identifier list (PIDL) used for zone checking when creating a new window.
IBrowserService::SetTitle Deprecated. Sets the title of a browser window.
IBrowserService::ShowControlWindow Deprecated. Shows or hides various frame controls.
IBrowserService::UpdateBackForwardState Deprecated. Updates the state of the browser's Back and Forward buttons.
IBrowserService::UpdateWindowList Deprecated. Instructs the browser to update the pointer to an item identifier list (PIDL) in the window list. This method is called after navigation.


In a direct inheritance scheme, these methods would be protected members. For that reason, it is recommended that this interface not be used directly by implementers. If it is used directly, existing data could be at risk.


Target Platform Windows
Header shdeprecated.h