IShellFolderViewDual3 interface

Exposes methods that modify the current folder view.


The IShellFolderViewDual3 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IShellFolderViewDual3::FilterView Sets the filter on the contents of the current view.
IShellFolderViewDual3::get_FolderFlags Gets the settings for the current folder.
IShellFolderViewDual3::get_GroupBy Gets the column used for grouping the folder view.
IShellFolderViewDual3::get_IconSize Gets the icon size setting for the current folder.
IShellFolderViewDual3::get_SortColumns Gets the names of the columns used to sort the current folder.
IShellFolderViewDual3::put_FolderFlags Sets the current folders settings.
IShellFolderViewDual3::put_GroupBy Sets the column used in grouping the folder view.
IShellFolderViewDual3::put_IconSize Sets the icon size setting for the current folder.
IShellFolderViewDual3::put_SortColumns Sets the names of the columns to be sorted.


This interface also provides the methods of the IShellFolderViewDual and IShellFolderViewDual2 interfaces, from which it inherits.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header shldisp.h

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