IShellBrowser interface

Implemented by hosts of Shell views (objects that implement IShellView). Exposes methods that provide services for the view it is hosting and other objects that run in the context of the Explorer window.


The IShellBrowser interface inherits from IOleWindow. IShellBrowser also has these types of members:


The IShellBrowser interface has these methods.

Method Description
IShellBrowser::BrowseObject Informs Windows Explorer to browse to another folder.
IShellBrowser::EnableModelessSB Tells Windows Explorer to enable or disable its modeless dialog boxes.
IShellBrowser::GetControlWindow Gets the window handle to a browser control.
IShellBrowser::GetViewStateStream Gets an IStream interface that can be used for storage of view-specific state information.
IShellBrowser::InsertMenusSB Allows the container to insert its menu groups into the composite menu that is displayed when an extended namespace is being viewed or used.
IShellBrowser::OnViewWindowActive Called by the Shell view when the view window or one of its child windows gets the focus or becomes active.
IShellBrowser::QueryActiveShellView Retrieves the currently active (displayed) Shell view object.
IShellBrowser::RemoveMenusSB Permits the container to remove any of its menu elements from the in-place composite menu and to free all associated resources.
IShellBrowser::SendControlMsg Sends control messages to either the toolbar or the status bar in a Windows Explorer window.
IShellBrowser::SetMenuSB Installs the composite menu in the view window.
IShellBrowser::SetStatusTextSB Sets and displays status text about the in-place object in the container's frame-window status bar.
IShellBrowser::SetToolbarItems Adds toolbar items to Windows Explorer's toolbar.
IShellBrowser::TranslateAcceleratorSB Translates accelerator keystrokes intended for the browser's frame while the view is active.


Windows Explorer and the Open File common dialog box are examples of implementations of this interface. It is a companion to the IShellView interface exposed by extensions.

Objects that have access to the site chain of the browser can get a reference to the browser on IShellBrowser using IServiceProvider::QueryService, with Service IDs such as SID_STopLevelBrowser and SID_SCommDlgBrowser. See the Knowledge Base article Retrieve the Top-Level IWebBrowser2 Interface from an ActiveX Control for more information on using service IDs.

Windows 7 and later. Windows Explorer context menus can support in-place navigation by using IServiceProvider::QueryService with the Service ID SID_SlnPlaceBrowser.


Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header shobjidl_core.h

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