slpublic.h header

This header is used by Security and Identity. For more information, see:


Title Description
SLAcquireGenuineTicket Gets a XrML genuine ticket acquired from the Software Licensing Server (SLS).
SLActivateProduct Acquires a use license from the Software License Server (SLS).
SLClose Closes the Software Licensing Client (SLC) context handle.
SLConsumeRight Let an application to exercise rights on a locally-stored licenses.
SLDepositMigrationBlob Deposits licensing information previously collected and gathered using the SLGatherMigrationBlob function.
SLDepositOfflineConfirmationId Deposits Installation ID (IID) and Confirmation ID (CID) for offline activation.
SLDepositOfflineConfirmationIdEx Deposits Installation ID (IID) and Confirmation ID (CID) for offline activation.
SLFireEvent Sends a specified event to a registered listener.
SLGatherMigrationBlob Gathers licensing information for the provided file handle. This licensing information can later be applied or deposited using the SLDepositMigrationBlob function.
SLGenerateOfflineInstallationId Generates the Installation ID (IID).
SLGenerateOfflineInstallationIdEx Generates Installation ID (IID).
SLGetApplicationInformation Gets information about the specified application.
SLGetApplicationPolicy Queries a policy from the set stored with the SLPersistApplicationPolicies function and loaded using the SLLoadApplicationPolicies function.
SLGetAuthenticationResult Gets the authentication results.
SLGetGenuineInformation Gets information about the genuine state of a Windows computer.
SLGetGenuineInformationEx Specifies information about the genuine status of a Windows computer.
SLGetInstalledProductKeyIds This function returns a list of product key IDs associated with the specified Product SKU ID.
SLGetLicense Returns the license file BLOB.
SLGetLicenseFileId Checks if the license BLOB has been installed already.
SLGetLicenseInformation Gets the specified license information.
SLGetLicensingStatusInformation Gets the licensing status of the specified application or SKU.
SLGetPKeyId Gets the registered product key ID associated with the product.
SLGetPKeyInformation Gets the information of the specified product key.
SLGetPolicyInformation Gets the policy information after right has been consumed successfully.
SLGetPolicyInformationDWORD Gets the policy information after right has been consumed successfully.
SLGetProductSkuInformation Gets information about the specified product SKU.
SLGetReferralInformation Gets referral information for the specified product.
SLGetServerStatus Checks the server status according to the specified URL and RequestType.
SLGetServiceInformation Gets global data information.
SLGetSLIDList Gets a list of SLIDs according to the input query ID type and the ID value.
SLGetWindowsInformation Retrieves the value portion of a name-value pair from the licensing policy of a software component.
SLGetWindowsInformationDWORD Retrieves the DWORD value portion of a name-value pair from the licensing policy of a software component.
SLInstallLicense Stores the specified license and returns a license file ID.
SLInstallProofOfPurchase Registers the product key with SL.
SLInstallProofOfPurchaseEx Register the product key with SL.
SLIsGenuineLocal Checks whether the specified application is a genuine Windows installation.
SLIsGenuineLocalEx Checks whether the specified application installation is genuine.
SLLoadApplicationPolicies Loads the application policies set with the SLPersistApplicationPolicies function for use by the SLGetApplicationPolicy function.
SLOpen Initializes the Software Licensing Client (SLC) and connects SLC to the Software Licensing Service (SLS).
SLPersistApplicationPolicies Stores the current consumed policies to disk for fast policy access.
SLPersistRTSPayloadOverride Associates information with the specified product for both online and phone activation.
SLQueryLicenseValueFromApp Gets the value for the specified component policy.
SLReArm This function is rearm application activation.
SLRegisterEvent Registers an event in the SL service.
SLSetAuthenticationData Sets authentication data.
SLSetCurrentProductKey Sets the current product key to the previously installed product key.
SLSetGenuineInformation Specifies information about the genuine status of a Windows computer.
SLUninstallLicense Uninstalls the license specified by the license file ID and target user option.
SLUninstallProofOfPurchase Unregisters the product key information.
SLUnloadApplicationPolicies Releases the policy context handle returned by the SLLoadApplicationPolicies function.
SLUnregisterEvent Unregisters a registered event in the SL service.


Title Description
SL_ACTIVATION_INFO_HEADER Specifies the product activation information.
SL_AD_ACTIVATION_INFO Specifies information used for the retail or Active Directory phone activation of a license.
SL_LICENSING_STATUS Represents the licensing status.
SL_NONGENUINE_UI_OPTIONS Specifies an application that displays a dialog box when the SLIsGenuineLocal function indicates that an installation is not genuine.


Title Description
SL_ACTIVATION_TYPE Represents the type of offline activation for a license.
SL_GENUINE_STATE Specifies the state of an application installation.
SLDATATYPE Specifies the data type of the buffer returned by the SLGetWindowsInformation function.
SLIDTYPE Represents the type of Software Licensing ID.
SLLICENSINGSTATUS Represents the licensing status.
SLREFERRALTYPE Represents the types of information that can be queried with the SLGetReferralInformation function.