ITTerminalManager2::GetPluggableSuperclasses method (termmgr.h)

The GetPluggableSuperclasses method gets the public CLSIDs for all pluggable terminal superclasses in the registry.


HRESULT GetPluggableSuperclasses(
  [in, out] DWORD *pdwNumSuperclasses,
  [out]     IID   *pSuperclasses


[in, out] pdwNumSuperclasses

The number of superclasses retrieved. If pSuperclasses is NULL, this argument is used to get the total number of pluggable terminal superclasses registered in the registry. If pSuperclasses is not NULL, this argument is used to pass the size, in IIDs, of the pSuperclasses buffer, and the method returns the number of IIDs copied into buffer memory.

[out] pSuperclasses

Pointer to an IID buffer allocated by the user.

If the buffer is NULL, the method returns the count of superclasses in the buffer. Otherwise, the method returns the IIDs of the pluggable terminal superclasses registered on the system.

Return value

This method can return one of these values.

Value Meaning
Method succeeded.
Method failed.


Target Platform Windows
Header termmgr.h

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