ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration interface

The ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration interface exposes methods that allow the creation, modification, and deletion of the registry entry for a pluggable terminal. (Each pluggable terminal must register itself in order to make the terminal available to applications.) The ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration interface is created using COM CoCreateInstance.


The ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration interface inherits from the IDispatch interface. ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration also has these types of members:


The ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration interface has these methods.

Method Description
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::Add The Add method adds terminal information to the registry. If an entry for the terminal already exists, the method edits the entry.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::Delete The Delete method deletes the terminal class from the registry.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::get_CLSID The get_CLSID method gets the CLSID used to CoCreateInstance the terminal.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::get_Company The get_Company method gets the name of the company that issued this pluggable terminal.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::get_Direction The get_Direction method gets the direction supported by the terminal.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::get_MediaTypes The get_MediaTypes method gets the media types supported by the terminal.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::get_Name The get_Name method gets the terminal's friendly name.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::get_TerminalClass The get_TerminalClass method gets the terminal's terminal class.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::get_Version The get_Version method gets the terminal version.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::GetTerminalClassInfo The GetTerminalClassInfo method gets all the information from the registry for a specific terminal.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::put_CLSID The put_CLSID method sets the CLSID used to CoCreateInstance the terminal.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::put_Company The put_Company method sets the name of the company that issued this pluggable terminal.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::put_Direction The put_Direction method sets the direction supported by the terminal.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::put_MediaTypes The put_MediaTypes method sets the media types supported by the terminal.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::put_Name The put_Name method sets the name of the terminal class being registered.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::put_TerminalClass The put_TerminalClass method sets the terminal's terminal class.
ITPluggableTerminalClassRegistration::put_Version The put_Version method sets the terminal version.


Target Platform Windows
Header termmgr.h