DrvQueryFontFile function (winddi.h)

The DrvQueryFontFile function provides font file information.


LONG DrvQueryFontFile(
  ULONG_PTR iFile,
  ULONG     ulMode,
  ULONG     cjBuf,
  ULONG     *pulBuf



Pointer to a driver-defined value that identifies the driver font file. This pointer is returned by a prior call to DrvLoadFontFile.


Specifies the type of information to be written. This parameter can be one of the following values:

Value Meaning
QFF_DESCRIPTION The function provides a string that an NT-based operating system will use to describe the font file. A null-terminated Unicode string is written to the buffer pointed to by pulBuffer.
QFF_NUMFACES The function returns the number of typefaces in the font file; the cjBuf and pulBuf parameters are ignored. Typefaces are identified by an index ranging from one through the number of typefaces.


Specifies the size, in bytes, of the return buffer.


Pointer to the return buffer.

Return value

If ulMode is QFF_NUMFACES, then the return value is the number of faces in the font file. If pulBuf is NULL, it is the number of bytes of data that would be written to pulBuf; otherwise, it is the number of bytes written to pulBuf. If an error occurs, the return value is FD_ERROR.


DrvQueryFontFile is required for font drivers.


Target Platform Desktop
Header winddi.h (include Winddi.h)

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