windows.devices.display.core.interop.h header

APIs for desktop interop with the Windows.Devices.Display.Core namespace.

windows.devices.display.core.interop.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
devices::display::core::interop::IDisplayDeviceInterop Provides methods for interoperating between Direct3D (and other graphics APIs) and APIs in the Windows Runtime Windows.Devices.Display.Core namespace.
devices::display::core::interop::IDisplayPathInterop Provides methods for interoperating between the Windows Runtime class DisplayPath and other display-related APIs.


Title Description
devices::display::core::interop::Int64FromLuid Converts from a LUID to a 64-bit signed integer.
devices::display::core::interop::LuidFromInt64 Converts from a 64-bit signed integer to a LUID.


Title Description
LUID Describes a local identifier for an adapter.