winhttp.h header

This header is used by Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP). For more information, see:


Title Description
WinHttpAddRequestHeaders Adds one or more HTTP request headers to the HTTP request handle.
WinHttpCheckPlatform The WinHttpCheckPlatform function determines whether the current platform is supported by this version of Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP).
WinHttpCloseHandle The WinHttpCloseHandle function closes a single HINTERNET handle.
WinHttpConnect The WinHttpConnect function specifies the initial target server of an HTTP request and returns an HINTERNET connection handle to an HTTP session for that initial target.
WinHttpCrackUrl The WinHttpCrackUrl function separates a URL into its component parts such as host name and path.
WinHttpCreateProxyResolver Creates a handle for use by WinHttpGetProxyForUrlEx.
WinHttpCreateUrl Creates a URL from component parts such as the host name and path.
WinHttpDetectAutoProxyConfigUrl Finds the URL for the Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file.
WinHttpFreeProxyResult The WinHttpFreeProxyResult function frees the data retrieved from a previous call to WinHttpGetProxyResult.
WinHttpGetDefaultProxyConfiguration Retrieves the default WinHTTP proxy configuration from the registry.
WinHttpGetIEProxyConfigForCurrentUser Retrieves the Internet Explorer proxy configuration for the current user.
WinHttpGetProxyForUrl Retrieves the proxy data for the specified URL.
WinHttpGetProxyForUrlEx Retrieves the proxy data for the specified URL.
WinHttpGetProxyResult The WinHttpGetProxyResult function retrieves the results of a call to WinHttpGetProxyForUrlEx.
WinHttpOpen Initializes, for an application, the use of WinHTTP functions and returns a WinHTTP-session handle.
WinHttpOpenRequest The WinHttpOpenRequest function creates an HTTP request handle.
WinHttpQueryAuthSchemes The WinHttpQueryAuthSchemes function returns the authorization schemes that are supported by the server.
WinHttpQueryDataAvailable Returns the amount of data, in bytes, available to be read with WinHttpReadData.
WinHttpQueryHeaders The WinHttpQueryHeaders function retrieves header information associated with an HTTP request.
WinHttpQueryOption The WinHttpQueryOption function queries an Internet option on the specified handle.
WinHttpReadData The WinHttpReadData function reads data from a handle opened by the WinHttpOpenRequest function.
WinHttpReceiveResponse The WinHttpReceiveResponse function waits to receive the response to an HTTP request initiated by WinHttpSendRequest.
WinHttpResetAutoProxy Resets the auto-proxy.
WinHttpSendRequest Sends the specified request to the HTTP server.
WinHttpSetCredentials The WinHttpSetCredentials function passes the required authorization credentials to the server.
WinHttpSetDefaultProxyConfiguration Sets the default WinHTTP proxy configuration in the registry.
WinHttpSetOption The WinHttpSetOption function sets an Internet option.
WinHttpSetStatusCallback The WinHttpSetStatusCallback function sets up a callback function that WinHTTP can call as progress is made during an operation.
WinHttpSetTimeouts Sets time-outs involved with HTTP transactions.
WinHttpTimeFromSystemTime Formats a date and time according to the HTTP version 1.0 specification.
WinHttpTimeToSystemTime The WinHttpTimeToSystemTime function takes an HTTP time/date string and converts it to a SYSTEMTIME structure.
WinHttpWebSocketClose Closes a WebSocket connection.
WinHttpWebSocketCompleteUpgrade Completes a WebSocket handshake started by WinHttpSendRequest.
WinHttpWebSocketQueryCloseStatus Retrieves the close status sent by a server.
WinHttpWebSocketReceive Receives data from a WebSocket connection.
WinHttpWebSocketSend Sends data over a WebSocket connection.
WinHttpWebSocketShutdown Sends a close frame to a WebSocket server to close the send channel, but leaves the receive channel open.
WinHttpWriteData The WinHttpWriteData function writes request data to an HTTP server.

Callback functions

Title Description
WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK Represents an application-defined status callback function.


Title Description
HTTP_VERSION_INFO The HTTP_VERSION_INFO structure contains the global HTTP version.
URL_COMPONENTS The URL_COMPONENTS structure contains the constituent parts of a URL. This structure is used with the WinHttpCrackUrl and WinHttpCreateUrl functions.
WINHTTP_ASYNC_RESULT The WINHTTP_ASYNC_RESULT structure contains the result of a call to an asynchronous function. This structure is used with the WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK prototype.
WINHTTP_AUTOPROXY_OPTIONS The WINHTTP_AUTOPROXY_OPTIONS structure is used to indicate to the WinHttpGetProxyForURL function whether to specify the URL of the Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file or to automatically locate the URL with DHCP or DNS queries to the network.
WINHTTP_CERTIFICATE_INFO The WINHTTP_CERTIFICATE_INFO structure contains certificate information returned from the server. This structure is used by the WinHttpQueryOption function.
WINHTTP_CREDS Contains user credential information used for server and proxy authentication.
WINHTTP_CREDS_EX Contains user credential information used for server and proxy authentication.
WINHTTP_CURRENT_USER_IE_PROXY_CONFIG The WINHTTP_CONNECTION_INFO structure contains the source and destination IP address of the request that generated the response.
WINHTTP_PROXY_INFO The WINHTTP_PROXY_INFO structure contains the session or default proxy configuration.
WINHTTP_PROXY_RESULT The WINHTTP_PROXY_RESULT structure contains collection of proxy result entries provided by WinHttpGetProxyResult.
WINHTTP_PROXY_RESULT_ENTRY The WINHTTP_PROXY_RESULT_ENTRY structure contains a result entry from a call to WinHttpGetProxyResult.
WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_ASYNC_RESULT The WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_ASYNC_RESULT includes the result status of a WebSocket operation.
WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_STATUS The WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_STATUS enumeration includes the status of a WebSocket operation.


Title Description
WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_BUFFER_TYPE The WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_BUFFER_TYPE enumeration includes types of WebSocket buffers.
WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_CLOSE_STATUS The WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_CLOSE_STATUS enumeration includes the status of a WebSocket close operation.
WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_OPERATION The WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_OPERATION enumeration includes the WebSocket operation type.