CreateUrlCacheContainerW function (winineti.h)

Creates a cache container in the specified cache path to hold cache entries based on the specified name, cache prefix, and container type.

Note  Note: This API is deprecated. Please use the Extensible Storage Engine instead.


BOOL CreateUrlCacheContainerW(
  [in]           LPCWSTR Name,
  [in]           LPCWSTR lpCachePrefix,
  [in, optional] LPCWSTR lpszCachePath,
  [in]           DWORD   KBCacheLimit,
  [in]           DWORD   dwContainerType,
  [in]           DWORD   dwOptions,
                 LPVOID  pvBuffer,
  [in, out]      LPDWORD cbBuffer


[in] Name

The name to give to the cache.

[in] lpCachePrefix

The cache prefix to base the cache on.

[in, optional] lpszCachePath

The cache prefix to create the cache in.

[in] KBCacheLimit

The size limit of the cache in whole kilobytes, or 0 for the default size.

[in] dwContainerType

The container type to base the cache on.

[in] dwOptions

This parameter is reserved and must be 0.


This parameter is reserved and must be NULL.

[in, out] cbBuffer

This parameter is reserved and must be NULL.

Return value

Returns TRUE if successful, or FALSE otherwise. To get extended error information, call GetLastError.



The winineti.h header defines CreateUrlCacheContainer as an alias which automatically selects the ANSI or Unicode version of this function based on the definition of the UNICODE preprocessor constant. Mixing usage of the encoding-neutral alias with code that not encoding-neutral can lead to mismatches that result in compilation or runtime errors. For more information, see Conventions for Function Prototypes.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header winineti.h
Library Wininet.lib
DLL Wininet.dll

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