WLAN_RAW_DATA structure (wlanapi.h)

The WLAN_RAW_DATA structure contains raw data in the form of a blob that is used by some Native Wifi functions.


typedef struct _WLAN_RAW_DATA {
  DWORD dwDataSize;
#if ...
  BYTE  *DataBlob[];
  BYTE  DataBlob[1];



The size, in bytes, of the DataBlob member. The maximum value of the dwDataSize may be restricted by type of data that is stored in the WLAN_RAW_DATA structure.


The data blob.


The WLAN_RAW_DATA structure is a raw data structure used to hold a data entry used by some Native Wifi functions. The data structure is in the form of a generalized blob that can contain any type of data.

The WlanScan function uses the WLAN_RAW_DATA structure. The pIeData parameter passed to the WlanScan function points to a WLAN_RAW_DATA structure currently used to contain an information element to include in probe requests. This WLAN_RAW_DATA structure passed to the WlanScan function can contain a proximity service discovery (PSD) information element (IE) data entry.

When the WLAN_RAW_DATA structure is used to store a PSD IE, the DOT11_PSD_IE_MAX_DATA_SIZE constant defined in the Wlanapi.h header file is the maximum value of the dwDataSize member.

Constant Value Description
DOT11_PSD_IE_MAX_DATA_SIZE 240 The maximum data size, in bytes, of a PSD IE data entry.

For more information about PSD IEs, including a discussion of the format of an IE, see the WlanSetPsdIEDataList function.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]
Header wlanapi.h (include Wlanapi.h)

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