The WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST structure contains raw data in the form of an array of data blobs that are used by some Native Wifi functions.


typedef struct _WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST {
  DWORD                   dwTotalSize;
  DWORD                   dwNumberOfItems;
  struct {
    DWORD dwDataOffset;
    DWORD dwDataSize;
  __unnamed_struct_0892_1 DataList[1];



The total size, in bytes, of the WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST structure.


The number of raw data entries or blobs in the WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST structure. The maximum value of the dwNumberOfItems may be restricted by the type of data that is stored in the WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST structure.




An array of raw data entries or blobs that make up the data list.


The offset, in bytes, of the data blob from the beginning of current blob descriptor. For details, see the example in the Remarks section below.


The size, in bytes, of the data blob.


The WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST structure is used to encapsulate a list of data blobs into a flat memory block. It should be interpreted as a list of headers followed by data blobs.

To create a WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST, an application needs to allocate a memory block that is large enough to hold the headers and the data blobs, and then cast the memory block to a pointer to a WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST structure.

The following is the memory layout of an example WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST structure that contains two data blobs.

Memory Offset Field Value Comments
0 dwTotalSize 84
4 dwNumberOfItems 2
8 dwDataOffset 16 Offset of the first blob: 16 = 24 - 8
12 dwDataSize 20 Size of the first blob.
16 dwDataOffset 28 Offset of the second blob: 44 - 16.
20 dwDataSize 24 Size of the second blob.
24 20 Start of the first blob.
44 40 Start of the second blob.

The WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST structure is currently used by the WlanSetPsdIEDataList function to set the proximity service discovery (PSD) information element (IE) data list for an application.

When used to store a PSD IE data list, the DOT11_PSD_IE_MAX_ENTRY_NUMBER constant defined in the Wlanapi.h header file is the maximum value of the dwNumberOfItems member for the number of blobs in the WLAN_RAW_DATA_LIST structure. The DOT11_PSD_IE_MAX_DATA_SIZE constant defined in the Wlanapi.h header file is the maximum value of the dwDataSize member for any blob.

Constant Value Description
DOT11_PSD_IE_MAX_DATA_SIZE 240 The maximum data size, in bytes, of a PSD IE data entry.
DOT11_PSD_IE_MAX_ENTRY_NUMBER 5 The maximum number of PSD IE data entries.

For more information about PSD IEs, including a discussion of the format of an IE, see WlanSetPsdIEDataList.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]
Header wlanapi.h (include Wlanapi.h)

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