WSMAN_SENDER_DETAILS structure (wsman.h)

Specifies the client details for every inbound request.


typedef struct _WSMAN_SENDER_DETAILS {
  PCWSTR                    senderName;
  PCWSTR                    authenticationMechanism;
  WSMAN_CERTIFICATE_DETAILS *certificateDetails;
  HANDLE                    clientToken;
  PCWSTR                    httpURL;



Specifies the user name of the client making the request. The content of this parameter varies depending on the type of authentication. The value of the senderName is formatted as follows:

Authentication mechanism Value of senderName
Windows Authentication The domain and user name.
Basic Authentication The user name specified.
Client Certificates The subject of the certificate.
LiveID The LiveID PUID as a string.


Specifies a string that indicates which authentication mechanism was used by the client. The following values are predefined:

  • Basic
  • ClientCertificate
All other types are queried directly from the security package. For Internet Information Services (IIS) hosting, this string is retrieved from the IIS infrastructure.


A pointer to a WSMAN_CERTIFICATE_DETAILS structure that specifies the details of the client's certificate. This parameter is valid only if the authenticationMechanismis set to ClientCertificate.


Specifies the identity token of the user if a Windows security token is available for a user. This token will be used by the thread to impersonate this user for all calls into the plug-in.

Note  Authorization plug-ins can change the user context and use a different impersonation token.


Specifies the HTTP URL of the inbound request.


Minimum supported client Windows 7
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 R2
Header wsman.h
Redistributable Windows Management Framework on Windows Server 2008 with SP2, Windows Vista with SP1, and Windows Vista with SP2