XINPUT_CAPABILITIES structure (xinput.h)

Describes the capabilities of a connected controller. The XInputGetCapabilities function returns XINPUT_CAPABILITIES.


typedef struct _XINPUT_CAPABILITIES {
  BYTE             Type;
  BYTE             SubType;
  WORD             Flags;



Controller type. It must be one of the following values.

Value Description
XINPUT_DEVTYPE_GAMEPAD The device is a game controller. 


Subtype of the game controller. See XINPUT and Controller Subtypes for a list of allowed subtypes.

Note  For restrictions on the use of this subtype value, see Remarks. More subtypes may be added in the future.


Features of the controller.

Value Description
XINPUT_CAPS_VOICE_SUPPORTED Device has an integrated voice device.
XINPUT_CAPS_FFB_SUPPORTED Device supports force feedback functionality. Note that these force-feedback features beyond rumble are not currently supported through XINPUT on Windows.
XINPUT_CAPS_WIRELESS Device is wireless.
XINPUT_CAPS_PMD_SUPPORTED Device supports plug-in modules. Note that plug-in modules like the text input device (TID) are not supported currently through XINPUT on Windows.
XINPUT_CAPS_NO_NAVIGATION Device lacks menu navigation buttons (START, BACK, DPAD).


XINPUT_GAMEPAD structure that describes available controller features and control resolutions.


XINPUT_VIBRATION structure that describes available vibration functionality and resolutions.


XInputGetCapabilities returns XINPUT_CAPABILITIES to indicate the characteristics and available functionality of a specified controller.

XInputGetCapabilities sets the structure members to indicate which inputs the device supports. For binary state controls, such as digital buttons, the corresponding bit reflects whether or not the control is supported by the device. For proportional controls, such as thumbsticks, the value indicates the resolution for that control. Some number of the least significant bits may not be set, indicating that the control does not provide resolution to that level.

The SubType member indicates the specific subtype of controller present. Games may detect the controller subtype and tune their handling of controller input or output based on subtypes that are well suited to their game genre. For example, a car racing game might check for the presence of a wheel controller to provide finer control of the car being driven. However, titles must not disable or ignore a device based on its subtype. Subtypes not recognized by the game or for which the game is not specifically tuned should be treated as a standard Xbox 360 Controller (XINPUT_DEVSUBTYPE_GAMEPAD).

Older XUSB Windows drivers report incomplete capabilities information, particularly for wireless devices. The latest XUSB Windows driver provides full support for wired and wireless devices, and more complete and accurate capabilities flags.


Header xinput.h

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