XPS_SIGNATURE_STATUS enumeration (xpsdigitalsignature.h)

Describes the status of a document's digital signature.


typedef enum __MIDL___MIDL_itf_xpsdigitalsignature_0000_0000_0001 {


The signature violates one or more signing rules stated in section of the XML Paper Specification. These rules describe the parts or relationships that must or must not be signed.

A signature that is incompliant must be created as such.
Changing signed content cannot make a valid signature incompliant. One example of an incompliant signature is the signature of a package that has an unknown relationships type at the root.
The signature does not include parts that must be signed.

If a valid XPS signature is created and the XPS document contents are later modified, the signature will become incomplete or broken.
For example, removing a page from a FixedDocument makes the signature incomplete; it also breaks the signature, but the fact that the signature is incomplete is of greater importance.
This is a compliant digital signature, but it fails the signature validation routines described in the Open Packaging Conventions (refer to See Also).

Modification of the markup in a FixedPage that has been signed breaks the signature.
This is not an incompliant or broken digital signature, but the signed content (parts and relationships) includes elements or attributes from an unknown namespace introduced through the markup compatibility mechanisms.
This is a valid signature: it is not broken, incompliant, or questionable. The application, however, must still check the certificate trust chain, revocation lists, and expiration dates.


The digital signature status values correspond to section in the XML Paper Specification.

The Open Packaging Conventions are specified in the 1st edition, Part 2, "Open Packaging Conventions," of Standard ECMA-376, Office Open XML File Formats.

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Minimum supported client Windows 7 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 R2 [desktop apps only]
Header xpsdigitalsignature.h

See also

Standard ECMA-376, Office Open XML File Formats

XML Paper Specification