Bluetooth Structures

This section provides definitions for structures used for managing Bluetooth devices and services.

Bluetooth is also supported by using the Windows Sockets programming interface. For more information about programming Bluetooth by using the Windows Sockets interface, see Windows Sockets Support for Bluetooth.

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BLUETOOTH_ADDRESS Contains the address of a Bluetooth device.
BLUETOOTH_AUTHENTICATE_CALLBACK_PARAMS Contains specific configuration information about the Bluetooth device responding to an authentication request.
BLUETOOTH_COD_PAIRS Provides for specification and retrieval of Bluetooth Class Of Device (COD) information.
BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_INFO Provides information about a Bluetooth device.
BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_SEARCH_PARAMS Specifies search criteria for Bluetooth device searches.
BLUETOOTH_FIND_RADIO_PARAMS Facilitates the enumeration of installed Bluetooth radios.
BLUETOOTH_LOCAL_SERVICE_INFO Contains local service information for a Bluetooth radio.
BLUETOOTH_NUMERIC_COMPARISON_INFO Contains the numeric value used for authentication via numeric comparison.
BLUETOOTH_OOB_DATA_INFO Contains data used to authenticate prior to establishing an Out-of-Band device pairing.
BLUETOOTH_PASSKEY_INFO Contains the passkey used for authentication via passkey.
BLUETOOTH_PIN_INFO Contains information used for authentication via PIN.
BLUETOOTH_RADIO_INFO Contains information about a Bluetooth radio.
BLUETOOTH_SELECT_DEVICE_PARAMS Facilitates and manages the visibility, authentication, and selection of Bluetooth devices and services.
BTH_DEVICE_INFO Stores information about a Bluetooth device.
BTH_HCI_EVENT_INFO Used in connection with obtaining WM_DEVICECHANGE messages for Bluetooth.
BTH_L2CAP_EVENT_INFO Contains data about the events that are associated with an L2CAP channel.
BTH_QUERY_DEVICE Used when querying for the presence of a Bluetooth device.
BTH_QUERY_SERVICE Used to query a Bluetooth service.
BTH_RADIO_IN_RANGE Stores data about the Bluetooth devices that are within communication range.
BTH_SET_SERVICE Provides service information for the specified Bluetooth service.
SDP_ELEMENT_DATA Stores SDP element data.
SDP_STRING_TYPE_DATA Stores information about SDP string types.
SdpAttributeRange Used in a Bluetooth query to constrain the set of attributes to return in the query.
SdpQueryUuid Facilitates searching for UUIDs.
SdpQueryUuidUnion Contains the UUID on which to perform an SDP query. Used in conjunction with the SdpQueryUuid structure.
SOCKADDR_BTH Used in conjunction with Bluetooth socket operations as defined by the AF_BTH address family.