Indicates that objects of this class should appear in the Insert Object dialog box list box when used by COM container applications.

Registry Entry



This key is a required entry for 32-bit COM applications whose objects can be inserted into existing 16-bit applications. Existing 16-bit applications look in the registry for this key, which informs the application that the server supports embeddings. If the Insertable key exists, 16-bit applications may also attempt to verify that the server exists on the machine. 16-bit applications typically retrieve the value of the LocalServer key from the class and check to see whether it is a valid file on the system. Therefore, for a 32-bit application to be insertable by a 16-bit application, the 32-bit application should register the LocalServer subkey in addition to registering LocalServer32.

Used with controls, this entry indicates that an object can act only as an in-place embedded object with no special control features. Objects that have this key appear in the Insert Object dialog box for their container. When used with controls, this entry also indicates the control has been tested with non-control containers. This entry is also optional and can be omitted when a control is not designed to work with older containers that do not understand controls.


This key is not present for internal classes like the moniker classes.