Interfaces (Controls and Property Pages)

The following interfaces are used to create standard COM objects and property pages.

Interface Description
IFont Provides a wrapper around a Windows font object.
IFontDisp Exposes a font object's properties through Automation. It provides a subset of the IFont methods.
IOleControl Provides the features for supporting keyboard mnemonics, ambient properties, and events in control objects.
IOleControlSite Provides the methods that enable a site object to manage each embedded control within a container.
IPerPropertyBrowsing Retrieves the information in the property pages offered by an object.
IPicture Manages a picture object and its properties. Picture objects provide a language-neutral abstraction for bitmaps, icons, and metafiles.
IPictureDisp Exposes the picture object's properties through Automation. It provides a subset of the functionality available through IPicture methods.
IPointerInactive Enables an object to remain inactive most of the time, yet still participate in interaction with the mouse, including drag and drop.
IPrint Enables compound documents in general and active documents in particular to support programmatic printing.
IPropertyNotifySink Implemented by a sink object to receive notifications about property changes from an object that supports IPropertyNotifySink as an outgoing interface.
IPropertyPage Provides the main features of a property page object that manages a particular page within a property sheet.
IPropertyPage2 An extension to IPropertyPage to support initial selection of a property on a page.
IPropertyPageSite Provides the main features for a property page site object.
IQuickActivate Enables controls and containers to avoid performance bottlenecks on loading controls. It combines the load-time or initialization-time handshaking between the control and its container into a single call.
ISimpleFrameSite Provides simple frame controls that act as simple containers for other nested controls.
ISpecifyPropertyPage Indicates that an object supports property pages.