Determines whether the user has changed the text of a ComboBoxEx edit control.



Must be zero.


Must be zero.

Return value

Returns TRUE if the text in the control's edit box has been changed, or FALSE otherwise.


A ComboBoxEx control uses an edit box control when it is set to the CBS_DROPDOWN style. You can retrieve the edit box control's window handle by sending a CBEM_GETEDITCONTROL message.

When the user begins editing, you will receive a CBEN_BEGINEDIT notification. When editing is complete, or the focus changes, you will receive a CBEN_ENDEDIT notification. The CBEM_HASEDITCHANGED message is only useful for determining whether the text has been changed if it is sent before the CBEN_ENDEDIT notification. If the message is sent afterward, it will return FALSE. For example, suppose the user starts to edit the text in the edit box but changes focus, generating a CBEN_ENDEDIT notification. If you then send a CBEM_HASEDITCHANGED message, it will return FALSE, even though the text has been changed.

The CBS_SIMPLE style does not work correctly with CBEM_HASEDITCHANGED.


Minimum supported client
Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]