ApplicationCluster collection

Contains a list of the server computers in the application cluster. It contains an object for each server. This is a top-level collection.

The application cluster is defined for purposes of the component load balancing (CLB) service. For the application cluster collection to be used, the CLB service must be installed on the computer.

You designate a router in the application cluster with the IsRouter property on the LocalComputer collection object, and you designate that a given component should be load balanced with the LoadBalancingSupported property on a Components collection object.

This collection supports the Add and Remove methods of the COMAdminCatalogCollection object.


The ApplicationCluster collection inherits from the IUnknown interface but does not have additional members.

You can navigate from this collection to any of the following collections:

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The following properties are supported by the COMAdminCatalogObject object within the collection:


Entry Value
Description The name of the server. Extra spaces at the beginning and end of the string are stripped out. This property is returned when the Key or Name property method is called on an object of this collection.
Access WriteOnce
Type String
Default "New Computer"
Minimum system Windows 2000


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