Copying Components

You can copy a component from one COM+ application to another. After you copy a component to another COM+ application, you can configure this component differently than the original component.

To copy a component from one COM+ application to another

  1. In the details pane of the Component Services administrative tool, right-click the component that you want to copy and then click Copy.

  2. In the Copy Component dialog box, in the Please select a Destination pane, select the COM+ application to which the component will be copied.

  3. Enter the new ProgID for the copied component.


    The ProgID for the original component is displayed for reference and cannot be changed.


  4. Enter the new CLSID for the copied component. COM+ displays an automatically generated CLSID. In most cases, this will be sufficient to uniquely identify the copied component. Enter a new CLSID only if you want to change the one provided by COM+.

  5. Click OK.

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