To launch the COMREPL command line utility, use the following steps:

  1. Add %windir%\system32\Com to the default environment path by typing the following in the command prompt:

    set path = %PATH%;%windir%\system32\Com

  2. Enter the following COMREPL command:

    COMREPL sourceComputer targetComputerList [/n [/v]]


    • sourceComputer is the computer name of the source

    • targetComputerList is the computer names of the targets separated by spaces

    • /n suppresses confirmation prompt before starting replication

    • /v echoes log file output to the console


  • Because COM+ is not replicated (only configuration data and applications), all target computers must already have COM+ installed.
  • The user must pass role checks for the system application on both the source and the target computers.
  • No local machine accounts that may be used by roles are replicated.
  • The target computer(s) must be online.
  • The user is responsible for replicating all non-COM+ data (for example, database tables, data files, and so forth) to the target computer(s).
  • Clusters can participate in replication, but note that COMREPL replicates only to named computers.

File Management

Logging and Error Reporting

Replication Phases

What Gets Replicated