Direct3D 10 core interfaces

This section contains information about the following core interfaces:

Interfaces Description
ID3D10BlendState Interface Accesses blending state for a Direct3D 10.0 device.
ID3D10BlendState1 Interface Accesses blending state for a Direct3D 10.1 device.
ID3D10DepthStencilState Interface Accesses depth-stencil state.
ID3D10InputLayout Interface Accesses pipeline-input data from memory.
ID3D10RasterizerState Interface Accesses rasterizer state.
ID3D10SamplerState Interface Accesses sampler state.


Interfaces Description
ID3D10Asynchronous Interface Retrieves data from the GPU asynchronously.
ID3D10Blob Interface Return data from memory.
ID3D10Counter Interface Measures GPU performance.
ID3D10Debug Interface Enables/disables the debug layer.
ID3D10Device Interface Represents a virtual adapter for Direct3D 10.0.
ID3D10Device1 Interface Represents a virtual adapter for Direct3D 10.1.
ID3D10DeviceChild Interface Accesses data used by a device.
ID3D10Include Interface Provides user-overridable methods for handling include files when loading an effect.
ID3D10InfoQueue Interface Stores, retrieves, and filters debug messages.
ID3D10Multithread Interface Accesses multithread settings.
ID3D10Predicate Interface Determines whether geometry should be processed.
ID3D10Query Interface Queries information from the GPU.
ID3D10StateBlock Interface Encapsulates render states.
ID3D10SwitchToRef Interface Switches between a hardware and software device.


Direct3D also impements interfaces for:

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