Layer Enumerations

This section contains information about the layer enumerations.

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Topic Description
Categories of debug messages. This will identify the category of a message when retrieving a message with ID3D11InfoQueue::GetMessage and when adding a message with ID3D11InfoQueue::AddMessage. When creating an info queue filter, these values can be used to allow or deny any categories of messages to pass through the storage and retrieval filters.
Debug messages for setting up an info-queue filter (see D3D11_INFO_QUEUE_FILTER); use these messages to allow or deny message categories to pass through the storage and retrieval filters. These IDs are used by methods such as ID3D11InfoQueue::GetMessage or ID3D11InfoQueue::AddMessage.
Debug message severity levels for an information queue.
Options for the amount of information to report about a device object's lifetime.
Options that specify how to perform shader debug tracking.
Indicates which resource types to track.

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