Driver capability flags.

#define Value Description
D3DCAPS2_CANAUTOGENMIPMAP 0x40000000L The driver is capable of automatically generating mipmaps. For more information, see Automatic Generation of Mipmaps (Direct3D 9).
D3DCAPS2_CANCALIBRATEGAMMA 0x00100000L The system has a calibrator installed that can automatically adjust the gamma ramp so that the result is identical on all systems that have a calibrator. To invoke the calibrator when setting new gamma levels, use the D3DSGR_CALIBRATE flag when calling SetGammaRamp. Calibrating gamma ramps incurs some processing overhead and should not be used frequently.
D3DCAPS2_CANSHARERESOURCE 0x80000000L The device can create sharable resources. Methods that create resources can set non-NULL values for their pSharedHandle parameters.
Differences between Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 9Ex:
This flag is available in Direct3D 9Ex only.


D3DCAPS2_CANMANAGERESOURCE 0x10000000L The driver is capable of managing resources. On such drivers, D3DPOOL_MANAGED resources will be managed by the driver. To have Direct3D override the driver so that Direct3D manages resources, use the D3DCREATE_DISABLE_DRIVER_MANAGEMENT flag when calling CreateDevice.
D3DCAPS2_DYNAMICTEXTURES 0x20000000L The driver supports dynamic textures.
D3DCAPS2_FULLSCREENGAMMA 0x00020000L The driver supports dynamic gamma ramp adjustment in full-screen mode.
D3DCAPS2_RESERVED 0x02000000L Reserved; not used.


These constants are used by the D3CAPS2 member of D3DCAPS9.

Constant Information

Requirement Value
Header d3d9caps.h
Minimum operating system Windows 98


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