ID3DXFile interface

Applications use the methods of the ID3DXFile interface to create instances of the ID3DXFileEnumObject and ID3DXFileSaveObject interfaces, and to register templates.


The ID3DXFile interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. ID3DXFile also has these types of members:


The ID3DXFile interface has these methods.

Method Description
CreateEnumObject Creates an enumerator object that will read a .x file.
CreateSaveObject Creates a save object that will be used to save data to a .x file.
RegisterEnumTemplates Registers custom templates, given an ID3DXFileEnumObject enumeration object.
RegisterTemplates Registers custom templates.



An ID3DXFile object also contains a local template store. This local storage may be added to only with the ID3DXFile::RegisterEnumTemplates and ID3DXFile::RegisterTemplates methods.

ID3DXFileEnumObject and ID3DXFileSaveObject objects created with ID3DXFile::CreateEnumObject and ID3DXFile::CreateSaveObject also utilize the template store of the parent ID3DXFile object.

The ID3DXFile interface is obtained by calling the D3DXFileCreate function.

The globally unique identifier (GUID) for the ID3DXFile interface is IID_ID3DXFile.

The LPD3DXFILE type is defined as a pointer to the ID3DXFile interface.

typedef interface ID3DXFile *LPD3DXFILE;



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