Function type used by the texture fill functions.


    D3DXVECTOR4* pOut, 
    CONST D3DXVECTOR2* pTexCoord, 
    CONST D3DXVECTOR2* pTexelSize, 
    LPVOID pData,  


pOut - Pointer to a vector, which the function uses to return its result. X, Y, Z, and W will be mapped to R, G, B, and A, respectively.

pTexCoord - Pointer to a vector containing the coordinates of the texel currently being evaluated. Texture coordinate components for texture and volume textures range from 0 to 1. Texture coordinate components for cube textures range from -1 to 1.

pTexelSize - Pointer to a vector containing the dimensions of the current texel.

pData - Pointer to user data.

Return Value

No return value.


Be sure to specify the Windows Data Types calling convention when declaring the callback function. Otherwise, stack overflows can occur.

Requirement Value
Header d3dx9tex.h
Import Library d3dx9.lib
Minimum Operating System Windows 98


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