Defines a basic material color that can be applied to either a complete mesh or a mesh's individual faces. The power is the specular exponent of the material.

template Material
    < 3D82AB4D-62DA-11CF-AB39-0020AF71E433 >
    ColorRGBA faceColor;
    FLOAT power;
    ColorRGB specularColor;
    ColorRGB emissiveColor;


  • faceColor - Face color. A ColorRGBA template. See ColorRGBA.
  • power - Material specular color exponent.
  • specularColor - Material specular color. A ColorRGB template. See ColorRGB.
  • emissiveColor - Material emissive color. A ColorRGB template. See ColorRGB.


The ambient color requires an alpha component.


TextureFilename is an optional data object. If this object is not present, the face is untextured.

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