Other D3DX Constants

Other D3DX constants include the following:

16-Bit Floating Point Numbers

#define Description
D3DX_16F_DIG Number of decimal digits of precision
D3DX_16F_EPSILON Smallest such that 1.0 + epsilon != 1.0
D3DX_16F_MANT_DIG Number of bits in mantissa
D3DX_16F_MAX Maximum value
D3DX_16F_MAX_10_EXP Maximum decimal exponent
D3DX_16F_MAX_EXP Maximum binary exponent
D3DX_16F_MIN Minimum positive value
D3DX_16F_MIN_10_EXP Minimum decimal exponent
D3DX_16F_MIN_EXP Minimum binary exponent
D3DX_16F_RADIX Exponent radix
D3DX_16F_ROUNDS Addition rounding: near
D3DX_1BYPI 1/pi
D3DX_PI pi
D3DX_DEFAULT_FLOAT Maximum float value


These #defines are declared in d3dx9.h and d3dx9math.h.

PRT Constants

#define Description
D3DXSH_MINORDER Lowest allowable order of the simulation.
D3DXSH_MAXORDER Highest allowable order of the simulation.


These #defines are declared in d3dx9math.h. For more about PRT, see Precomputed Radiance Transfer (Direct3D 9).

Texture Constants

#define Description
D3DFMT_FROM_FILE Take the format exactly from a file.
D3DX_DEFAULT A default value.
D3DX_DEFAULT_NONPOW2 Do not round up numbers such as width or height to a power of two.
D3DX_FROM_FILE Take the texture dimensions exactly from a file.


These #defines are declared in d3dx9.h.

Other D3DX Constants

The UNUSED16 and D3DX_VERSION constants defined in D3dx9mesh.h and D3dx9core.h are used internally. Do not use these constants.

D3DX Constants