dcl_usage input (sm1, sm2, sm3 - vs asm)

Declare the association between a vertex element usage and a usage index for a vertex shader input register.


dcl_usage[usage_index] v#



  • dcl_usage identifies how the register data will be used. This is the same value as the members of D3DDECLUSAGE without the D3DDECLUSAGE prefix.
  • usage_index is an optional integer index between 0 and 15. It modifies the usage data. The index matches the usage index in a vertex declaration. See Vertex Declaration (Direct3D 9). The index is appended to the usage value (dcl_usage ) with no space. If it is not supplied, it is assumed to be 0.
  • v# is a Input Register.


Vertex shader versions 1_1 2_0 2_x 2_sw 3_0 3_sw
dcl_usage x x x x x x


All dcl_usage instructions must appear before the first executable instruction.

Vertex Shader Instructions