Input Color Register

Pixel shader input register containing vertex color.


dcl v#.writeMask


  • dcl - (sm2, sm3 - ps asm) is a register declaration instruction.
  • v is an input register and # is the register number. The number of registers allowed is determined by the shader version.
  • writeMask determines which components (up to four) are written. Valid components are: (x,y,z,w) or (r,g,b,a).


Color registers are read-only registers. Each register contains four-component RGBA values iterated from input vertices. They have lower precision than most registers, guaranteed to have 8 bits of unsigned data in the range (0, +1). You cannot use more than one in a single instruction.


ps_1_1__ps_1_2__ps_1_3__ps_1_4 Registers

ps_2_0 Registers

ps_2_x Registers

ps_3_0 Registers