Shader Model 5.1 Objects

The following objects have been added to shader model 5.1.

For the Rasterizer Order Views (available in D3D11.3 and D3D12), the following objects are new, and are only allowed in the pixel shader. Note that the methods they support are identical to the corresponding UAV objects.

Rasterizer Object UAV Object
RasterizerOrderedBuffer RWBuffer
RasterizerOrderedByteAddressBuffer RWByteAddressBuffer
RasterizerOrderedStructuredBuffer RWStructuredBuffer
RasterizerOrderedTexture1D RWTexture1D
RasterizerOrderedTexture1DArray RWTexture1DArray
RasterizerOrderedTexture2D RWTexture2D
RasterizerOrderedTexture2DArray RWTexture2DArray
RasterizerOrderedTexture3D RWTexture3D


Shader Model 5.1

HLSL Shader Model 5.1 Features for Direct3D 12