Texture2D::GatherCmpRed(S,float,float,int) function

For four texel values that would be used in a bi-linear filtering operation, returns a comparison of their red component against a compare value.


float4 GatherCmpRed(
  in SamplerComparisonState s,
  in float2 location,
  in float compare_value,
  in int2 offset


s [in]

Type: SamplerComparisonState

The zero-based sampler index.

location [in]

Type: float2

The sample coordinates (u,v).

compare_value [in]

Type: float

A value to compare each against each sampled value.

offset [in]

Type: int2

An offset that is applied to the texture coordinate before sampling.

Return value

Type: float4

A four-component value, each component is the result of a per-component comparison.


The texture samples can be used for bilinear interpolation.

This function is supported for the following types of shaders:

Vertex Hull Domain Geometry Pixel Compute
x x x x x x


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