Texture2DMS::Load(int,int,int,uint) function

Reads texture data and returns status of the operation.


  in  int2 Location,
  in  int  sampleindex,
  in  int2 Offset,
  out uint Status


Location [in]

Type: int2

The texture coordinates.

sampleindex [in]

Type: int

The sample index.

Offset [in]

Type: int2

An offset applied to the texture coordinates before loading.

Status [out]

Type: uint

The status of the operation. You can't access the status directly; instead, pass the status to the CheckAccessFullyMapped intrinsic function. CheckAccessFullyMapped returns TRUE if all values from the corresponding Sample, Gather, or Load operation accessed mapped tiles in a tiled resource. If any values were taken from an unmapped tile, CheckAccessFullyMapped returns FALSE.

Return value


The return type matches the type in the declaration for the Texture2DMS object.

See also

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