Alpha Setter Effect


[Deprecated. This API may be removed from future releases of Windows.]


The Alpha Setter effect sets the alpha bits on a video image.

Class ID (CLSID): {506D89AE-909A-44f7-9444-ABD575896E35}

CLSID Variable Name: CLSID_DxtAlphaSetter

Friendly Name: "DxtAlphaSetter"


Property Type Default Description
Alpha BYTE -1 Sets the alpha for the entire image.
AlphaRamp double -1.0 Sets the alpha as a percentage of the original alpha value.



A property with a negative value is ignored. Only one property can have a non-negative value. The Alpha property specifies a constant alpha value for every pixel in the image. This property overwrites the alpha values from the original image. The AlphaRamp property specifies each pixel's alpha value as a percentage of the pixel's original value, from 0.0 to 1.0.

Alpha Blending