CCmdQueue.New method

The New method initializes a command to be run and returns a new CDeferredCommand object.


virtual HRESULT New(
   CDeferredCommand **ppCmd,
   LPUNKNOWN        pUnk,
   REFTIME          time,
   GUID             *iid,
   long             dispidMethod,
   short            wFlags,
   long             cArgs,
   VARIANT          *pDispParams,
   VARIANT          *pvarResult,
   short            *puArgErr,
   BOOL             bStream



Address of a pointer to a CDeferredCommand object by which an application can cancel the command, set a new presentation time for it, or retrieve estimate information.


Pointer to the object that will run the command.


Time at which to run the queued command or commands.


Pointer to the globally unique identifier (GUID) of the interface to call.


Method on the interface to be called.


Flags describing the context of the call. This parameter supports the same flags as the IDispatch::Invoke method.


Number of arguments passed.


Pointer to the list of variant types associated with the dispatch parameters.


Pointer to the list where results, if any, are to be returned.


Pointer to the index within the pDispParams parameter list where the last error occurred.


Value indicating whether the time parameter is a stream-time value (TRUE) or a presentation-time value (FALSE).

Return value

Returns S_OK if successful. Returns E_OUTOFMEMORY if ppCmd returns from creating the new CDeferredCommand object with a value of NULL. Otherwise, returns an HRESULT that indicates an error from attempting to create a new CDeferredCommand object. If there is an error, no object has been queued.


The new CDeferredCommand object will be initialized with the parameters and will be added to the queue during construction. This method is similar to the IDispatch::Invoke method.

Values for the wFlags parameter include the following:

Value Description
DISPATCH_METHOD The member is being run as a method. If a property has the same name, both this and the DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET flag can be set.
DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET The member is being retrieved as a property or data member.
DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUT The member is being changed as a property or data member.
DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUTREF The member is being changed via a reference assignment, rather than a value assignment. This value is valid only when the property accepts a reference to an object.


Winutil.h (include Streams.h)
Strmbase.lib (retail builds);
Strmbasd.lib (debug builds)

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