CImagePalette class

The CImagePalette class manages palettes for video renderers. It can be used to create a logical palette from a video format. This class is intended to be used with the CBaseWindow and CDrawImage classes, so it is somewhat specialized.

Protected Member Variables Description
m_hPalette Handle to the logical palette that this object manages.
m_pBaseWindow Pointer to the CBaseWindow object that manages the window.
m_pDrawImage Pointer to the CDrawImage object that draws the video image.
m_pFilter Pointer to the owning filter.
Public Methods Description
CImagePalette Constructor method.
CopyPalette Copies the palette from any VIDEOINFO structure to any palettized VIDEOINFO structure.
MakeIdentityPalette Attempts to make a palette that maps directly to the palette selected in the display device.
MakePalette Creates a logical palette from the color table in a video format.
PreparePalette Sets up a palette, based on a media type from the owning filter.
RemovePalette Deletes the existing logical palette.