EAPHost Authenticator Method Functions

The EAPHost Authenticator Method API functions are as follows.

Function Description
EapMethodAuthenticatorBeginSession Creates a new EAP authentication session on the server EAPHost.
EapMethodAuthenticatorEndSession Closes an EAP authentication session on the server EAPHost.
EapMethodAuthenticatorFreeErrorMemory Releases error-specific memory allocated by the EAP authenticator method.
EapMethodAuthenticatorGetAttributes Obtains an array of EAP authentication attributes from the EAP authenticator method.
EapMethodAuthenticatorGetInfo Obtains a set of function pointers for an implementation of the loaded EAP authenticator method.
EapMethodAuthenticatorGetResult Obtains the authentication result from the EAP authenticator method.
EapMethodAuthenticatorInitialize Initializes an EAP authenticator method for the server EAPHost.
EapMethodAuthenticatorInvokeConfigUI Defines a function that raises the EAP method's connection configuration user interface dialog box on the client.
EapMethodAuthenticatorReceivePacket Processes an EAP authentication packet received by the server EAPHost and returns a response action.
EapMethodAuthenticatorSendPacket Obtains an authentication packet from the EAP authenticator method to send to the supplicant.
EapMethodAuthenticatorSetAttributes Provides updated EAP authentication attributes to set on the EAP authenticator method.
EapMethodAuthenticatorShutdown Shuts down the EAP authenticator method and prepares to unload it from the server EAPHost.
EapMethodAuthenticatorUpdateInnerMethodParams Updates the EAP authentication session settings previous established by a call to EapMethodAuthenticatorBeginSession from the server EAPHost.