EAPHost Supplicant Run-Time Functions

The EAP Supplicant API run-time functions are as follows.

Function Description
EapHostPeerBeginSession Starts an EAP authentication session.
EapHostPeerClearConnection Halts all future callbacks to the NotificationHandler provided by the calling supplicant to EAPHost in a previous call to EapHostPeerBeginSession.
EapHostPeerEndSession Terminates a current EAP authentication session between EAPHost and the calling supplicant.
EapHostPeerFreeEapError Frees all EAP error-specific memory returned by EAPHost APIs.
EapHostFreeRuntimeMemory Releases memory space used by run-time APIs.
EapHostPeerGetAuthStatus Obtains the supplicant's current EAP authentication status from EAPHost.
EapHostPeerGetIdentity Requests identity information from the inner methods.
EapHostPeerGetResponseAttributes Obtains an array of EAP authentication attributes from EAPHost.
EapHostPeerGetResult Obtains the authentication result for the specified EAP authentication session.
EapHostPeerGetSendPacket Obtains a packet from EAPHost to send to the authenticator.
EapHostPeerGetUIContext Obtains the user interface context for the supplicant from EAPHost that is used in the EapHostPeerInvokeInteractiveUI APIs for the supplicant.
EapHostPeerInitialize Initializes EAPHost for the supplicant. EapHostInitialize and EapHostUninitialize must be called as a pair.
EapHostPeerProcessReceivedPacket Transfers the EAP packet to EAPHost after having received an EAP packet from the server.
EapHostPeerSetResponseAttributes Provides updated EAP authentication attributes to EAPHost.
EapHostPeerSetUIContext Provides a new or updated user interface context to the EAP peer method loaded on EAPHost.
EapHostPeerUninitialize Unitializes EapHost for the supplicant. EapHostInitialize and EapHostUninitialize must be called as a pair.